Bellingham Towers Services

A multitude of services are available to support tenants in their professional needs:

Breakfast & Lunch

Torre Café   ……….. Take out or delivery
Phone: 360 734-0029
Hours: 8am til 5pm
*Call ahead for your take home dinner – special order Lasagna

Internet / Telephone Services

Pogozone is a locally owned and operated company that provides an array of business solutions to meet your Internet and networking needs, whether you’re a company ready to take it to the next level of just spreading your wings.
From ultra high-speed fiber to unified phone communications, Pogozone has 30 years combined Internet provider expertise to help your business thrive and grow in today’s digital environment. Call or visit our website today! 360.676.8772

Cleaning Service

Corie’s Commercial Cleaning
Phone: 360 738-3878
Email: Chrissy Harem

Child Care

James Place Kids
*5% discount on tuition for tenants of Bellingham Towers
Phone: (360) 306-8850
Email: Kathy Westover


Window Cleaning

Exterior cleaned quarterly

Reception desk 360 647-1916

  • Renewing your lease (Robbi)
  • Maintenance request (Robbi)
  • Parking (Robbi)
  • Reserving a conference room


If you need assistance

The Bellingham Towers Reception Desk is located in suite 165.