Suite 820 – 4 Offices

Available now. Spacious suite with four private offices as well as a reception area, kitchenette and private bath. Fantastic views in three different directions and lots of natural light!

If interested in securing a space, contact Robbi as soon as possible for information.

Square footage: 1310 sq ft
Rent: $2700
Newly Renovated: Yes
Facing: West/South/East

Reserve your office space now! 360 647-1916

Suite 820 Gallery Photos
Office Suites Include:

+ Recently remodeled / updated paint colors / new carpet
+ 2 Blocks from the Courthouse
+ 1 Block from the Library
+ Reserved parking
+ Along bus route
+ Across the street from Mt. Baker Theater



B14-overall-galleryuilding Amenities:

+ Clean, high-end showers
+ All utilities included (internet and phone are separate)
+ Italian restaurant inside building on 1st floor




towersBuilding History

The Towers is the city’s tallest commercial building at 15 stories and is the last and largest structure from the pre-Drepression building boom in downtown Bellingham. It was originally conceived as a hotel in 1930.

The building now features tastefully appointed, renovated office space to suit a wide range of needs.


If you are looking for an elegant, high quality space, call Robbi to schedule a tour: 360 647-1916.

The Bellingham Towers is the premier office building in Bellingham, situated in the beautiful business district, just down the street from City Hall, the Court House and the Federal Building.